A qualified team and proven methodology for the IT Industry

Why us?

The proximity of the Sinersys offices in Mexico to the United States, makes it easy to outsource the development of complex software applications, evaluation and project management.

Unlike outsourcing projects in Asia, Eastern Europe, or more distant time zones, the proximity advantage that Sinersys provides, represents the availability to discuss the project during your regular working day and not at midnight.

Sinersys Technologies, an organization oriented to provide Business Solutions through Services in Information Technology (IT), particularly in development, maintenance and support of software applications, with the knowledge and high experience in businesses to be able to integrate applications, promoting multinationals companies and improving their processes, systems, and data management, in turning this last into effective information for decision making.

With training and PMI1 certifications, Sinersys owns development processes with the CMMI Level3 certification that ensures the highest levels of quality and adherence to specifications.

But most importantly, the experience gained and the added value provided to corporate companies that we have supported for more than 32 years, have helped each of Sinersys’ clients to enjoy quantifiable business results.

1 PMI is a registered trademark of Project Management Institute, Inc.

CMMI its a certification that regulates the procedures in the software production and services. CMMI 3 Certification is especially valued by the great world-wide clients of software factories, because it guarantees the quality of our procedures.