Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Internet Security1 and Acceleration Server

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server) offers to the companies a protection outpost, ease of use and fast and safe access for all type of networks. It turns out specially advisable to protect networks where applications of Microsoft are used, such as Microsoft Outlook, services of Microsoft Internet Information Server, Office SharePoint, etc.

Microsoft Office SharePoint1

Share the information of effective form is becoming more and more a strategic competitive advantage. Office SharePoint Server 2007 facilitates the collaboration, provides characteristics of administration to the content, implements enterprise processes and gives access to the essential information for the objectives and processes of the organization.

Microsoft Dynamics1 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a system of costumer relationship management (CRM) completely integrated who allows the employees of your organization to make important enterprise decisions with a greater degree from confidence. The use of this technology in your company, aids to automate and simplify the financial processes, relations with the clients and the chain of provision of a way that impels the success of your company.

Microsoft Exchange Server1

Being the electronic mail a fundamental piece for the communication and collaboration in the companies, nowadays, the demands on the mail systems are higher than ever. The email users wish one more richer and efficient Experience and that is the reason why it has happened to be a simple complement of communication, to be a true protagonist of this informative tide.

To satisfy this common demand of organizations of all the sizes, the server of electronic mail and collaboration Microsoft Exchange was born, which has been evolving until becoming a platform of trustworthy communication, scalable, and of easy management.

Microsoft Office Project Server1

Microsoft Office Project Server provides to companies a platform of expandable technology to develop safely, and to implement succesfully the principles of Project management of the organization. This technology is a data store of projects and resources administered in a centralized way, which, provides the teams a comfortable access to critical information of the organization through its Web interface: Microsoft Project Web Access.

1 Microsoft Internet Security, Microsoft Office SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Exchange Server y Microsoft Office Project Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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