Over 15 years we've perfected the quality of our services and conformed a specialized professionals group, supported by a technological system of outpost, which has allowed to consolidate successful experiences with our clients, maintaining long term relationship. We've offered our services to institutions and companies as much at local as regional and international level, who have seen in our company their strategic ally.

Sinersys worked with an automotive manufacture to optimize their inventory tracking between the warehouse and production lines and fully integrated with RF capabilities. The improved inventory tracking allowed for better decision-making helping them increase monthly production by 4%.

In the global logistics arena, Sinersys worked with a large multi-national to improve the coordination of export-related operations and administrative tasks around the world. Initially, poor coordination led to late shipments that resulted in heavy fines and product losses due to spoilage. These losses totaled millions of dollars every year. Sinersys developed an application that encompassed all entities in the production and supply chain with a calendar of key milestones that allowed for careful monitoring of delays and the identification of possible risks. Today, the company now experiences a 100% on-time export shipping.


Software Development Outsourcing
Custom application development, web software systems built on Java, .NET and C++.


Application Maintenance & Support
Deployment, operation and enhancement of legacy applications for regulatory changes.


We have CMMI Level 3 Certification
CMMI its a certification that regulates the procedures in the software production and services. CMMI 3 Certification is especially valued by the great world-wide clients of software factories, because it guarantees the quality of our procedures.